Trey Gunn's The Waters They Are Rising CD Cover Design

Lately I've been enjoying exploring combining studio and digital elements in both my own work and graphic design projects, which recently led to a collaboration with composer, creative coach and King Crimson guitarist, Trey Gunn.

Trey turns out to be the ideal design client, meaning he loves what I do to begin with, has a strong sense of what he's looking for and is open to how I meld the two.

With a general theme of "Flow" - the first in a series of four diversely inspired, yet loosely related, new albums - it wasn't hard to find inspiration visually. The result is a combination of analog studio work created specifically for the project in the form of one of my signature Collage Paintings, overlaid with digital elements created as vector art in Illustrator.

As for the music, I'm undoubtedly biased, but it's gorgeous. From one of the many reviews:

This is hypnotically beautiful music that you can really lose yourself in. Emotionally resonant and as deep as the flood waters it sets out to portray this is not and should never be regarded as background music, the variety of the material blending throughout with the watery theme. - Jez Rowden in The Progressive Aspect

To hear a sample track and to purchase, please visit Trey Gunn.