Check out now or continue shopping?

ART IS SCIENCE and never has this been more apparent to me than during this project.

Art is also shopping.

Because you need stuff to make stuff. And if you don't already have the stuff you have to buy it.

If you don't have a lot of money for your project you do a LOT of very careful shopping. Shopping around, comparing, thinking, wrangling and thinking some more about whether this is the right purchase you're about to make.

It's taken me days but I just pulled the trigger on two cartloads of ingredients.

It feels ridiculously exciting. I have committed to my thinking, so help me.

My decisions were based on science. Or my version of it which means hours of online research, days of field tests, conjecturing, hypothesizing, more tests, making notes (the ones in the picture are two of many pages), scratching things out, starting over, pondering, finding things out, talking to experts, wondering, gulping, experimenting and a lot of double and triple checking measurements and then checking again.

While I wait for the stuff to show up I am going to make some other stuff out of stuff I already have because I found it in the recycling bin outside my apartment.

This is what happens when you don't have a big budget for your project and you don't get the grant and it's too late (or so you tell yourself) to do the Kickstarter thing, you go dumpster diving.

Okay I'm off to make freezer trays out of giant cardboard bike boxes, I'm sure you'll be hearing all about it.