Star Systems

"Seattle artist Julia Hensley has been quietly toiling in her studio, chipping away at the edges of the visible universe. She’s conjuring up pixelated fragments of an event horizon, colorful bursts of gas clouds, scattered bits of dark matter against fields of light, and bursting nebulae in negative. Her work translates the utterly foreign landscape of outer space into a specific visual language. Its expansiveness and unfathomable scale spans light years of distance impossible to absorb; but her blocky interruptions nestled against splattered paint taps into our cultural immersion in technology and digital composition of the world we know, framing it more comprehensibly. Hensley’s paintings could easily be a portrait of blown up and blown out Hubble telescope imagery."

- Sharon Arnold

Exerpt from the essay titled Julia Hensley - Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? ("Julia Hensley - Who will watch the watchers?"), written by the gallerist in conjunction with Star Systems, a solo show at LxwxH Gallery in Seattle WA, November, 2013.


Squarescapes and Collage Paintings

“Seattle painter Julia Hensley is known for her meticulously crafted and intimately scaled abstract urban landscapes. Her previous work organized the “banal chaos of urban detail” into flattened grids of carefully modulated, painted and cut paper squares and rectangles interwoven not unlike a quilt or one of Mondrian’s grids.

Julia’s latest work, the expansive and seminal piece “This Storied Heart” represents a breakthrough in her evolution of working with the grid and cubic pixilation. Moving away from strictly depicting urban scenes and external realities she is now staking new ground in the realm of the true non-objective composition.

Working in a looser and highly intuitive way, “This Storied Heart” represents a slow natural accretion of cubic pixils, color washes and elusive imagery with no contrivance by the artist during the process. The result is a collage of remarkable organic complexity that visually mirrors the vicissitudes and intricacies of life and the human heart with a photographic clarity. Demonstrating equal measures technical skill and emotional sensitivity Julia has lead us to a place unforeseen at the beginning of her latest artistic journey.”

- John Parkinson

Press release for “Inspired Geometries” at Form-Space-Light Gallery in Seattle WA, 2008


Julia Hensley

Julia Hensley's current work is inspired by technology, the cosmos and our relationship to both.

Trained in painting at Boston University's School of Visual Art where she graduated magna cum laude, she lives in Seattle where she works in painting and installation, digital media and sound.

She has shown in group and solo shows, collaborations, installations and curated events in diverse venues in Seattle including LxWxH Gallery, Gage Academy, the University Heights Center, SAM Gallery, Foster White Gallery, Open Flight Studio and Joe Bar, and nationally at the Paul Thiebaud Gallery in San Francisco, John Raimondi Gallery in Boston, Winfield Gallery in Carmel CA, Mills Pond Gallery in St. James NY, and (with Paul Thiebaud) at expositions in Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami.

Currently in the studio: New starsystems in the making for  RDIOGLXY , a show of paintings you can listen to.

Currently in the studio: New starsystems in the making for RDIOGLXY, a show of paintings you can listen to.